More Radio Play on BBC Radio

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The One has been played for the second time on BBC radio.  Check it out around 4:30 mins into at the link below.  Please help us spread the work and to promote the second album, ‘A Room with a VU’.  Pick up yours on itunes, amazon and spotify.

As well as cracking on with promoting the second album we’ve made a promising start on the third with one track nearly there and another 3 or 4 ideas kicking round.


A 6th Track Gets Played on BBC Radio

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Yet more radio play for tracks off the new album.

Check out ‘Used to Be’ around 25 mins into the show at the link below.

Spread the word and tell you friends!!

More BBC Airplay

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The One was played on BBC radio again last night, check out the link below, around 15:30 into the show.

Help us promote the album, tell your friends, (or your enemies!). Spread the word. Get your copy now on ITunes, Amazon or Bandcamp

More Airplay on BBC Radio

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Another track, ‘The One’, off our second album, ‘Room With A VU’, got some airplay last night.

Check it out at the link below, about 9 mins in.

(up to seven days after broadcast):

Get hold of your copy of the album at itune, spotify, amazon or via the player to your left!!

Bootsy and I got together at the weekend and started work on new stuff too.  Bootsy has just got a new bass and amp, we’ll get some pictures in the kit bit of the site along with a picture of Bootsy’s big smiling face!!

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We got played on the radio again, 5 weeks in a row!!


Check out ‘You got it’, around 1:40 into the show

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We got played again on BBC Radio, I haven’t listened yet but will sick a link up later!!

Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

Second Album Available on iTunes

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Our Second Album, ‘Room with a VU’, is now available on iTunes!! Please buy it, plenty of blood sweet and beers gone it to it I can tell you!


We’ll get some clips up on the site too.


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well 4 weeks on the run we’ve now had Radio Airplay! Need to figure out how to get under their compressors though!

Little games is 22:50 into this clip


Second Album Almost Ready

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Well, we’ve been quietly working away on our second album and it’s almost ready.  That said in the sober light of Monday I think we both decided that some more work is needed on the final mastering, unfortunately we’d already uploaded a couple of tracks to BBC introducing and one has all ready been played on BBC radio.  Check out the link:-

We’ve also been shopping so we’ll stick some pictures on line too.

…..till next time.




We’ve been shopping

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well first time using word press so here goes, hope this appears in the right place! Sorry we’ve been quite for a bit. Rich and I have been shopping so we’ve been spending some time playing with our new toys. We’ll get some photos onto the gear section soon as well as some clips opf the new ideas we’ve got in the pipe line. Cheers